Vlamboog brands

As a trading company, De Vlamboog represents a large number of brands, many of which are known around the globe. As a manufacturer, De Vlamboog is the owner of the following protected brand names:

Our brand name Vlamboog represents the electrode holders, gouging torches, welding connectors and earth clamps produced by De Vlamboog in The Netherlands. As a consequence, the Vlamboog brand name always stands for 'Made in Holland'!  A number of brand names fall under this umbrella brand name. For electrode holders and welding sets: Samson, Optimus, Progress and Victory. For gouging torches and gouging sets : Flair
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Our brand name MultiVision represents a wide range of active and passive welding helmets, developed and assembled by De Vlamboog. In addition to this line, the brand name MultiC'Air stands for our TH2-certified PAPR systems, which can be used in combination with our MultiVision fresh-air helmets.

Our extensive trade articles portfolio is partly branded Weldsafe and Wearsafe. These names represent a selection of our best value-for-money proposals.


De Vlamboog also produces its welding connectors, MultiVision helmets, electrode holders and gouging torches for private label customers who choose to connect their own name to the best quality available in the market. Private label is also an option for most of our trade articles. A customized product or just a customized packaging... you don't have to be a multinational company to get your own private label products. Price and minimum quantities will depend on the product and on your packaging wishes. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.