Bymat - Baseline

Weld cleaning, polishing and embossing with one single machine! De Vlamboog brings you weld cleaners of the German manufacturer Bymat. With the Bymat series and the Baseline series we offer our customers user friendly and economic solution for stainless steel cleaning. The Baseline series will do the job for less frequent weld cleaning whereas the Bymat series are made for intensive use. The Bymat and Baseline series enable you to clean, polish and emboss stainless steel welds and surfaces in a faster, easier and relatively environment friendly manner. The Bymat and Baseline series are perfect tools for companies that work with stainless steel and that are striving after perfection. 

Bymat 5024RS : electrochemical weld cleaning, polishing, embossing and galvanizing
Bymat 4024RS : electrochemical weld cleaning, polishing and etching
Bymat 3024RS : electrochemical weld cleaning, polishing and etching

Baseline series : 
Baseline 3000 CP : electrochemical weld cleaning, polishing and embossing
Baseline 2000 CL : electrochemical weld cleaning and polishing
Baseline 1000 CL : electrochemical weld cleaning





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