Day after day, hundreds of thousands of welders world wide are exposed to hazardous fumes and gases during welding. The MultiC'Air PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) protection system offers protection, comfort and compliance.  

Protection : respiratory protection & optional safety helmet combination.for head protection.
Comfort : refreshing airflow and reduced breathing resistance.
Compliance : TH2 certified in combination with a wide range of MultiVision welding helmets (ADF ánd flip-up glass versions).

The MultiC'Air2 PAPR system offers comfortable, integrated protection against multiple hazards as well as extra comfort in warm working circumstances.

  • Filters gases, fumes and particles according to EN12941 : 2008 : TH2 PRSL.
  • Electronically controlle constant air flow.  
  • Air flow of 160 or 200 liters per minute.
  • Three fold warning signal in case of reduced filtering: acoustic, optical, trembling.
  • One of the lightest motor units currently available.
  • Exchangeable, recharchable li-ion battery with up to 8-hour capacitity.
  • Extremely comfortable thanks to ergonomic waste belt + harnas.
  • Also available with leather chest protection.
  • Complete set includes a MultiVision Grind Carbon
  • Value for money: mid-range alternative for more expensive 3M and Optrel units.
  • A PAPR unit which has proven its reliability in hundreds of work places for several years now!