RSG Safety

RSG Safety is specialized in respiratory protection. RSG offers, among others, T-AirLine complete compressed air solutions, half- and full face masks, PAPR systems and a wide range of disposable masks and coveralls. RSG Safety clearly distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by its ...

  • unique, wide respiratory product range
  • high quality, economically priced products which comply with all applicable European standards  
  • a product development strongly focussed on end-user needs

RSG's high degree of professional knowledge when it comes to respiratory safety is simply based on work experience. Many RSG-employees have earned their  stripes in senior-positions at companies like Scott Health and Safety, Arbin Personal Protection, Kimberly Clark, 3M en North Safety Products. In June 2015 RSG concluded a distribution agreement with De Vlamboog for, among others, the Dutch welding market.  


The Vlamboog - RSG product range : 
* T-Airline compressed air solutions (filter-units, hoses, connectors, helmets and suits)
* PAPR Systems
* Mouth caps, half face and full face masks
* Disposable coveralls for multiple applications (flame retardant, gas tigh, anti-static)
* Eye protection

RSG-Vlamboog product overview and gross pricelists 2017: 
RSG_Price_list_2017_Workwear!.pdf  (disposable workwear for multiple applications)
RSG_Price_list_2017_Volgelaatsmaskers!.pdf (full face masks - respiratory protection)
RSG_Price_list_2017_Stofmaskers!.pdf (face masks - respiratory protection)
RSG_Price_list_2017_Halfgelaatsmaskers!.pdf (half masks - respiratory protection)
RSG_Price_list_2017_Escape_hoods!.pdf (emergency escape hoods)
RSG_Price_list_2017_CompressedAir!.pdf (
compressed air filter units and accessories)

RSG documentation :

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Product impressions : compressed air solutions

Face masks, half face masks, full face masks, escape hoods... 







Vlamboog - RSG Distribution-agreement June 2015