Often imitated. Never duplicated. At Schaefer, people understand that serious environments call for serious ventilation. That's why they have created products that perform in the most extreme areas. For over 60 years, Schaefer has been a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized industrial ventilation equipment. It's a well-known fact that without fresh air you can't work safely, let alone comfortably. It's our job to take the proper safety precautions and choose the right equipment. Put simply, you have to ensure that the ventilator you choose will be durable, dependable, and perform under the toughest conditions. We invite you to take a closer look and notice that the difference between us the rest, is in the design, quality of material and service.The VAF Series combines dependable power with practical design. Schaefer's ventilators can handle your most demanding industrial needs, providing both positive and negative airflow and high levels of CFM in difficult work environments.


* Positive and negative air flow.
* Stackable saving space.
* Light weight and extremely robust.
* Long product life time.
* 2 year guarantee.
* Also available in pneumatic version for explosive environments.
* Wide range of accessories.